• GraphIt: MIT graph compiler project.
  • BuildIt: A framework for rapidly developing high-performance DSLs with little to no compiler knowledge.
  • MLIR: Multi-Level IR Compiler Framework.
  • Taskflow: A General-purpose Parallel and Heterogeneous Task Programming System.
  • Tensor Compilers: A list of compiler projects and papers for tensor computation and DL.
  • dgSPARSE: Tsinghua sparse graph processing project.
  • Qiskit: IBM quantum computing project.
  • SZ: An lossy compression framework used by US supercomputers.
  • Bit Twiddling Hacks from Prof. Sean Anderson's website.
  • LeetCode 中文网站.
  • 《LeetCode Cookbook》Online Reading.
  • GRAP: General Relativity and Analysis Group at Princeton University.
  • LaTeX 公式编辑器 Online Editor.
  • Linux Kernel Archives Releases.